RH JOHNSON began operating in 1970 with just one truck and one employee. Raymond Hugh Johnson thrived by building his heating and air-conditioning business on a foundation of integrity, attention to detail, and a personal commitment to exemplary service.

Raymond’s son, Raymond Hugh Johnson, II, began working with his father right out of high school and learned the trade hands-on from the Master. The company’s commitment to maintaining high standards on every job was handed down from father to son and remains steadfast to this day.  The third generation Johnson, Raymond Hugh Johnson, III has joined his dad to ensure the family legacy lives on and RH JOHNSON continues to thrive.

Over the years, the company has updated its name and logo but, no matter what the circumstances, RH JOHNSON continues to provide the same level of exemplary service and commitment to quality that has been the cornerstone of their business since the beginning.

While the company has grown in size since the early days, RH JOHNSON remains a local, family-owned business … built on the notion of never compromising when it comes to providing clients with the best.

Dedictated to the memory of Raymond Hugh Johnson